African Festival Portraits


African festivals are a chance to experience and celebrate the richness of African culture. There’s nothing like attending a festival in Africa to help you understand why this continent is so special. From traditional dances to drumming and singing, you’ll get the chance to learn about local customs while also having fun with new friends at these exciting events.

African Festival Portraits

What is a festival?

A festival is a celebration of life. It’s an opportunity to come together with family and friends, or just make new ones, in order to celebrate something that has happened or will happen soon. Festivals are often religious in nature, but not always; they can be held at any time of year and don’t have to be tied specifically to any holiday on the calendar.

African Festival Portraits captures some of these celebrations from around Africa:

Festivals are celebrations of life.

Festivals are about life and living. They’re about being with people you love, enjoying yourself and letting loose in a safe environment. Festivals are also about food, drink and fun!

Festivals are a time when we can forget about daily cares and just be ourselves for a while–and that’s why they’re so popular around the world.

Festivals are about food, drink and fun.

Festivals are about food, drink and fun.

Food is an important part of many festivals. For example, at the Igbo Sacred Ibeme Festival in Nigeria, people eat traditional foods such as eba (a type of fufu made from cassava flour), Egusi soup and okra stew while they watch masquerades perform traditional dances with bells on their ankles and cowries around their necks. The Oktoberfest in Munich features beer tents where visitors can sample German cuisine like pork knuckles with sauerkraut or roast chicken breast served with potato salad or red cabbage salad for dessert!

Festivals are about clothing.

The clothing you wear to an African festival can be as important as the food you eat and the music you listen to. Festivals are about clothing, so it’s important that you know what is appropriate for each occasion.

If you want to blend in with the locals and not stand out from the crowd, then dressing conservatively is best. It may seem odd that wearing jeans would make someone stand out at an African festival, but this will depend on where your event takes place and how traditional or modernized its inhabitants are; some tribes still wear animal skins as part of their daily attire!

Festivals are about letting loose and forgetting about daily cares.

Festivals are about letting loose and forgetting about daily cares. They’re a time for people to come together, celebrate each other’s cultures, and have fun with their friends.

It’s important to remember that festivals aren’t just about drinking or partying–they’re also opportunities for learning from one another. You might be surprised by how much you can learn from someone who grew up in a different part of the world than you did!

Festivals are about meeting new people, both locals and travellers like yourself.

Festivals are a great place to meet new people, both locals and travellers like yourself. You can learn about new cultures and traditions, make friends for life or even find out about local attractions that you wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

Festivals are also a great place to eat! There are so many different food stalls at festivals that sell delicious dishes from around the world. Try some African food or Indian curry if you’re feeling adventurous!

Festivals are about making your own fun

Festivals are a great way to meet people and feel at home, even if you’re far from home. Festivals are also a good way to learn about the culture, which makes them perfect for travelers who want to experience something different than their own country. If you’re more interested in having fun than learning about another culture, then by all means go out there and dance the day away on the streets!

African festivals can be amazing opportunities to celebrate life with people all across the continent

African festivals are a great opportunity to celebrate life with people all across the continent. They’re also an excellent way to get to know local culture, meet people from all over the world and experience different cultures.

African festivals are a fantastic place for food lovers as well! You can sample traditional dishes from all over Africa at these events or try something new that you’ve never tasted before.


African festivals are a great way to experience the culture of African people. They’re also a chance for travellers like yourself to meet new people and learn more about their country’s traditions. If you want to take part in traditional customs or just dance the day away on the streets, then go for it!